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Document Management

“Employ your time in improving yourselves by other men's documents: so shall you come easily by what others have labored hard for.” – Socrates
For centuries documents were stored manually which meant they were subject to damage, loss and other vulnerabilities. It also meant that only one or a few people had access to them at one time. Your organization’s documents represent knowledge that has been carefully accumulated through the years. A good document management system (DMS) organizes and protects that knowledge and work product, with the added benefits of search capabilities, instant retrieval and secure collaboration with others both within and outside of your firm.
Business Solutions, Inc. is proud to be a Certified Partner with NetDocuments, a cloud-based document management application which helps its customers reduce costs and increase productivity with enterprise search, built-in disaster recovery, client, matter, and project-centric workspaces, and 24/7 access on a modern platform that scales to both small and large firms alike.
Contact us at (800) 475-5955 for assistance with:

  • Design and customization of your NetDocuments account
  • Integration with third-party applications such as Office 365, Clio, Time Matters, Symphony OCR, and others
  • End-user training and ongoing support


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