Human solutions – not talking to chatbots for business software support.

When business software support feels more like tech and less like support, we’re here to help. Business Solutions Incorporated provides real people with the right knowledge when you need it, not when it’s convenient.

Software support by real people for real people

It’s a sad truth that most software and cloud-based application companies don’t want to provide support via human interaction. They’d rather have you interact with chatbots, videos, FAQs, and White Papers. You know how this goes. It leads to:   

  • Hours wasted on an endless loop of tech support 
  • Frustration in solving even the simplest issues
  • The infuriating inability to reach an actual person for an answer 
  • No clear idea of what problem you even have or how to solve it

“When my software stopped working before a crucial billing deadline (and after wasting hours on the phone with the software company), I turned to Dana. She identified the problem quickly and fixed it in no time!”

– Jennifer Hirshon, VP Dezenhall Resources, Ltd.


Our software expertise makes your life easier

We’re consultants certified in specific software programs. And we bring extensive knowledge in these programs, plus decades of experience in dealing with small to mid-sized law firms, nonprofits, public relations firms, lobbyists and accounting firms and other service oriented firms. We excel in: 

Law Firm Software

Accouting Software

Cloud Application Software

Practice Management Software


Time & Billing Software

Document Management Software

“I’ve worked with Dana and BSI for two decades and they’ve been an integral part of our growth. They did an exceptional job when we changed IT platforms, with professionalism and dedication far surpassing that of other vendors I’ve worked with.

– John Vollmer, former Director of Finance & Administration for PilieroMazza

Expertise In

Our software support solutions aren’t just knowledge and information – they’re catalysts for change.

Save time & money (the one-two punch we all want)

Enjoy increased efficiency & greater achievement

Finally have access to a human who listens

See increased job satisfaction & reduced employee turnover

Software insights that can help you now!

I’ve compiled a living and growing cache of software technology information and expertise to help you navigate the ever changing (and challenging!) world of business software. 

The next time you run into a business software issue, you can bang your head on your desk for two hours or you can contact us.

The next time you run into a business software issue, you can bang your head on your desk for two hours or you can call us.