About Us

Human tech support for your business software needs.

At some point in the past few years (or maybe more) support and training from software companies has become an afterthought. This is concerning because it’s hard to adopt new programs and protocols when you aren’t set up for success in the first place. That’s where we come in. 

Business Solutions Incorporated was founded to address the widening gap between program users and the support and training needed to be successful. We believe that chat bots, outsourced “tech support” and clumsy online “tutorials” don’t work and frankly, take more time than one-on-one interaction. And they’re less effective. 

That’s why we rely on person to person contact, concise communication, training and follow-up. This includes learning tools and documentation custom-tailored to your unique business needs

As we like to say, we’re “product-agnostic but solutions-oriented”. 

Our focus and our reason for being is delivering human tech support to help your business find solutions in accounting software, time-tracking & billing software, document management software and practice management software.  

“As our firm grew from 10 timekeepers to 40, BSI helped us create multiple custom reports and better tracking features — leading to increased efficiency and streamlining many reporting features.”

– John Vollmer, former Director of Finance & Administration for PilieroMazza 

About Dana Riel – President & Founder

When I founded Business Solutions Incorporated I wanted to make sure that clients always had a resource for solutions to their software problems because I know this leads to more confidence, empowerment, and job satisfaction.

Throughout my career, I’ve become known for finding creative solutions and providing comprehensive support. I know the importance of listening in order to understand what people want and then proposing solutions that offer comprehensive and far-reaching results. 

Highlights of my career include teaching Legal Ethics/Legal Technology as an adjunct professor in Georgetown University’s Paralegal Studies Program, serving as a Charter Member of the Timeslips Certified Consultant Steering Committee, the Timeslips Business Partner Advisory Council, and presently serving on the Time Matters-PCLaw Advisory Board for P|T.  I’m also a Professional Advisor for Intuit Software Corp, a Certified Independent Consultant for Time Matters and PCLaw, by P|T; a Certified Partner (Sales, Implementation Expert & Certified Trainer) for NetDocuments; a Certified Partner for Soluno; a Certified Consultant/Certified Accounting Partner for CosmoLex; and work with CARET Legal as a Solutions Expert, Implementation Expert and an Accounting Expert.  

I bring a keen attention to detail to every project and my clients often express their gratitude saying, “Thanks for following up / watching our backs / putting us in touch with the right people.” And of course, “fixing our problems”. When I’m not solving client problems, I love to travel the world. Ask me where I’m off to next.