NEW!  Workflows Feature in CARET Legal

by | Jan 23, 2024 | Caret Legal, Cloud applications

NEW!  Workflows Feature in CARET Legal

CARET Legal is rapidly gaining popularity among our clients as a cloud-based practice management application.  The reason is clear: it excels in contact management, matter management, document management, calendaring, CRM, time & expense tracking, and billing and accounting. 

It can already do a lot in scheduling events and tasks on a calendar, and even include or assign them to others.  Now the developers have taken the next step in building workflows – a way to create templates that automate the scheduling of events and tasks for yourself and/or others in your firm.

Here’s how this works –

When you first open a new workflow template, the screen looks like this:

  • Click on the plus (+) sign to begin creating a new workflow template.
  • Give the workflow template a name.
  • Assign it to a practice area.
  • Enter the first step in your workflow process. You may choose to define an event or a task.
    • Describe the type of event.
    • Select a default time of day.
    • Optionally enter a description.
    • Identify who will attend the event from your firm.
    • Save the event.

Continue entering the events and tasks involved in your automated schedule, placing events and tasks either before or after others. When your workflow is complete, click on the Save button.

To assign a workflow to a matter –

    •  Open the matter.
    • Click on a new tab called Workflows.
    • Click on the plus (+) sign in that tab to select and begin using one of your workflow templates.
  • Enter the date for the first event or task in your selected workflow.
  • Assign staff for the roles involved.
  • Click on the Save button to populate your calendars and tasks for the people involved.

Workflows in CARET Legal are easy for staff to use.  They can be set up for any practice area and are practical for firms of any size.  Our CARET Legal consultants have experience in helping firms define what they do in their daily work, define those actions in workflows, design templates or teach people how to do this.


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